Friday, December 31, 2010


Grrrrr. WHY did I drink so much water before bed?? Its 3am..I'm comfy in my bed, under the covers, snuggled up to the 3 year old (NO judging..he's too darn cute to kick out!!)...aaaaand I have to pee..BAD. Fine. I fling the covers back. I swing my legs over the side of the bed. I face the curious look of the dog and kitten, as they raise their sleepy heads up to investigate the raucous. As I get up, CLANG BANG BUMP BUMP...TUGGGGGGGGG. Great. My pump has come unclipped from the PJs and is swinging like a pendulum, and banging up against the bed.

I also like it when I get hung up on something. The ole dog-on-a-chain feel. My parents have the only drawer pulls in the state of Texas that are angry enough to actually rip out a pump site. That's always fun. The other day I was doing a pump start for an older gentleman. AS we neared the conclusion of the start, I was attempting to explain, and demonstrate, how to disconnect from the site. He was really struggling with this concept, for some reason. His knuckles white, squeezing with all of his came the whole damn thing. I did what any other supportive educator would have done. I started cracking up! He then looked at me all confuzzled...and asked if he had to "stick the plastic back into the whole" when he was done showering. Yup. Right back in. To the hole. My face was bright red at this point.

I was at the grocery store the other night, and at the checkout line, I flopped the ole wallet out onto the counter to pay...but instead of just my faux croco wallet, about 4 USED test strips, some Border Collie hair and some glitter (wtf??) came with it. The college-student-checker-outer-chick makes a face at me. Whatever beesh! If I want all of this grossness living at the bottom of my purse, then so be it! I then realized what a hypocrite I am. Dr. C somehow always leaves used test strips sprinkled about the house in the most random places. Like, seriously, dude?? How the eff does that happen? My Dyson is formatted with the incapability of picking up One Touch Ultra blue test strips. Its says, "Screw you...and you're 'betes". DRIVES ME INSANE. I thought i was all keepin up with my used stuff, discarding them in the trash (once my meter pack becomes overwhelmed with them!!), and being the picture of sanitation. Hmmmph.

So, yo...what's your most embarrassing, crazy, 'betes related story?? Get hung up while knocking boots? Dropped low during a date? Been caught putting your bloody finger in your mouth after testing and realizing the person watching is mortified that you are just gross enough to do that...yeah, uh, this has never happened to me...just seems like, ya know, something that COULD happen......

PS. Happy New Year, everyone! I'm going to re-start bootcamp, be a better friend to my peeps, make my kid brush his teeth at least a few times a week, stop eating out so much...and stop being so "narcissistic" and "juvenile" (you know who you are). Love to you all!!!



  1. LOL about the used test strips. They are always piling up in my case/purse too. Only a fellow diabetic would find that funny....oh and for me - the waded up piece of kleenex covered in blood from pricking my finger. :D

    Happy New Year!

  2. Test strips land where Michah sits... future wife I am trying to break him of this habit.. but alas I am his Mother as well as his maid and I love him. Whenever he needs me to do something for him he pulls the Bettes scare n me sure to get my immediate attention. He is sugar sweet and equally spoiled.

  3. All of the above has happened to me. I love when I bring my minvan in for an oil change and I don't even notice that there are used syringes in the cupholder, even better when they are in the far back seat cupholders where the kids sit...they probably think we're a family of heroin addicts. I'm sure there hundreds of used strips in all the nooks and crannys in there as well, I know there is in my house!

    I'd love for you to do a post about how alcohol affects your diabetes!

  4. OMG! I laughed till I cried! Today I was getting ready to eat my lunch @ work, so I checked my bs then put my chili in the microwave. When I turned around to get it back out. there was a huge blood smear on the start button! Lol