Sunday, December 12, 2010

Running around naked

Soooo blogosphere...I decided to take a pump vacation..a holiday..a pumpcation, if you will. Why? WHY? Why would I dare do such a thing??? Because. That's why.

10 bad pump sites, moderate ketones and a shit load of stress drove me to it! I decided to kick it old school...but like 2003 old school..back to MDI (multiple daily injections for all of you diatards), poppin with Novolog and Lantus pens. Is it a total pain in the ass to have to remember to bring my pens along everywhere I go? Yup. But, you know what, my 7 day average on the Mini shows 109 mg/dL (6.1 mmol/L for my Canadian followers, eh?). I'm doing pretty effin fantastic on shots! I'm testing more, bolusing 10-15 minutes before meals...I haven't been above 140 in a week! Soooooooooo, what gives??

I don't usually recommend this type of therapy for my patients. Pump issues are usually pretty easy to trouble shoot for a (self appointed) expert, such as myself. A change in pump sites (most likely my issue), a change in insulin settings, a change in pump real estate (areas to insert a pump site), treatment for infections, or just getting a brand new pump per your warranty. Hells to tha NAH. NONE of this was working for I ripped that puppy off, removed the battery, and told the hubs to bring me home some pens. He didn't question me...good boy. In hindsight, I think my issues lie within the type of pump sites I was using, or may even be an issue with real estate.

Pumping has changed my life. For the better. It has allowed me to do, be, think of things that I nebver could have imagined possible on shot therapy. I give CSII therapy mad props. I just needed a break. Much like a husband or boyfriend that lingers around the house too long, when all you want is a bubble bath, glass of wine and Lifetime Movie Network. That't what this is. My pumpcation is just a chillaxer, a breather...letting me recharge. I've had an assload of personal stress, recent (minor) surgery, and then the chronic hypers. I felt as though I had no choice! So I took control, and did what I know best. I did diabetes. I did sugar managment.

It seems like a lot of my followers are moms of type 1s. I welcome you. I wish my mom had been able to turn to someone while dealing with my non-compliant ass growing up. As one of my fave TV characters, Hank Moody, implied...its too late to drown teenagers :) Hang in there. Immaturity, being a teenager AND dealing with the concepts of managing a chronic disease don't all mesh well. The good news? The ankle biters all, eventually grow up. They usually realize their own "AHA!" moment, and take the reigns from the parentals.....and amazingly enough? Complication free!

So, world. Keep on keepin on. JKL. Whether it be MDI, pump or twice-daily insulin...keep shooting up, and keep reading.

Love, Nurse Kelley

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  1. Kelley -
    May I ask where in Texas you and your husband practice? I may be moving to Texas in the next few months (just finished nursing school) so I'm starting to investigate the healthcare options in the possible new cities where I may end up.