Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sleeping with the enemy....

Title of this post could be interpreted many ways...what *exactly* am I implying?
-That I'm obviously a Julia Roberts fanatic because she has now appeared on my blog TWICE
-That I'm referring to Dr C as "the enemy"...much like you would refer to "big brother" or "the man"
-Referring to dawn phenomenon
-Don't be a douche...its dawn phenomenon

Dawn phenomenon is the rise of your glucose level in the early morning hours, and occurs due to the production of your body's stress hormones (epinephrine, growth hormone, cortisol, glucagon) all of which cause your sugar to rise, and your insulin to not be as effective. BULLSHIT is what I call it. Our bodies seriously can't just TELL we don't produce insulin on our own? I mean, we already know our livers are stupid...and about half of our insulin requirements go towards this stupidity and the hepatic glucose that is released into our bloodstreams daily.
I get asked all the time, "Hey Kell, tell me about dawn phenomenon!"....well, not really, but either way, I'm gunna tell you about it, you don't have a choice. There are several schools of thought in the treatment of DP (that's Dawn Phenomenon...not donkey punch). Some studies done in people with type 2 (AHEM insulin resistant peeps cough COUGH not cool like us COUGH) show that taking either a cinnamon or apple cider vinegar supplement at bedtime can help curb this rise in sugars, but no formal statements or regimens are out there. Another idea is to eat a protein rich snack at bedtime. Or if you are a genius (ME! Like ME!) you slap on an insulin pump and fine tune your basal insulin to cover this rise. If you want to go off the grid, rogue, you can try an intermediate insulin at bedtime that peaks, thus covering the rise....but this is tricky since NPH is very unstable, and can peak at different times, causing an increased risk for overnight lows.
Slapping on a CGM, either personal or from your doc, is a great idea. We run weekly CGM clinic in our office, and it gives us tons of data. What you might THINK is DP, is really that bowl of ice cream you had at bedtime, fat ass. Or, you may be dropping low earlier during the night, and rebounding, something we call the Somogyi effect (Google it, I'm too lazy to also have to explain THAT to you).
Another enemy in my bed?? My 3 year old!! Ugggggg potty training, attitude, opinions and stuck sleeping in my bed....I so need a parenting intervention. I seriously think stressing about him in our bed makes my sugar rise even more. Any suggestions for ME???

As always, sports fans, don't make ANY changes to your regimen without first speaking to your doc or educator, because that would just be dumb, got it??

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