Friday, January 6, 2012

'Roid Rage in the New Year

I gots the ills, ya'll. Rheumatologist said its RA...but she feels like I will have a positive prognosis. Moderately Neat-O, is what I say. She gave me an order for 8,000 lab tests, X-rays and a prescription for prednisone...DUM DUM DUM. Yes, STEROIDS. I felt funny filling it at the pharmacy. The pharmacist pulled me aside, with a very serious look on her face: "you KNOW...this WILL increase your blood should PROBABLY talk to your husband..". Uh...yeah...ok, lady. Thanks.

So this morning, 30 diligent minutes following my Synthroid dose, I administered my first dose of prednisone...with a tasty swish of Cherry Coke Zero (SUGAR FREE, don't worry, for all of you internal med docs out there). Went down easily...and then I waited. Took a good 2 hours for my Revel RTS to buzz at me with "190 mg/dL HIGH"...and that's on a 135% increased temp basal. Yaaaaay! So I cancelled it, and went with a 150% increase, and increased my bolusing by 50%...been between 150-210 mg/dL all times. I think it will take some more WAG (wild ass guessing) on my part to really nail it. Thank goodness for continuous monitoring! on that note, pretty excited to order my mySentry Remote Glucose Remote from Medtronic!!! It will be SO nice to glance up at my glucose levels in the middle of the night! Especially as we start playing around with my Rheumatoid meds.

I have a temper. A bad one. Coupled with severe depression (treated with drugs, of course). These can lead to random objects flying at my husband's head, broken bones in the hand (Sorry, Douggles) and nast text messages (whaaaaaa?? meeeee??? ugggggly????). It is something I have struggled with for years. My recent troubles with joint pain have really sawed of my last nerve, and I have, at times, yelled a bit more than I would like. Poor J & B....I love them more than anything, but they can only lick each other SO MANY TIMES before mommy SNAPS. So being placed on corticosteroids for 2 weeks has me a bit apprehensive, as I know they can induce anxiety. Great. I'm hoping I can self medicate with alcohol...and cake...don't forget the cake.

So forgive me if my next few posts deal with those of us that have multiple autoimmune disorder...its a small club...very exclusive. Thanks for all of your support and thoughts!

Peace, Love & 'Betes,
Nurse Kelley

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