Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eat Me

Soooo my Book em, Danno post about telling people to shove off in regards to a T1's diet was quite popular. It has also raised some questions and concerns.

Why do we get, essentially, punished for lowering the sugar content in our diet? For instance, say Momma wants a Sno-Cone, why am I charged more for the sugar free variety? So I did a little research. A pint of Bahama Mama syrup (sweetened with sugar) is $6.25, the sugar free variety is $8.25. BULL shit. So my fat ass saves money...for continuing to be fat?? This blows my mind.

Also goes a long with the sweet vs. un-sweet tea. "Unsweetened" implies that a special un-sweetening process has been applied to previously tea sweetened with In the last year, suddenly, I'm served mother effing SWEET-enough carbs to equal TWO pieces of white bread-FUPA causing-TEA. Why is this??? Is America not fat enough??? And some are excusing it as "ohhh hwellll, we are jusssst Souttthherrrrn...", oh yeah? Because 50 years ago we weren't diagnosing type 2 diabetes in tweens and teenagers. So when you are out, with your grossly overweight family, please refrain from ordering your children SWEET tea. Water or milk should suffice...and will wash down those chimichangas just fine.

And DON't get me started on High Fructose Corn Syrup!! Arrrrghhhh!!!

PSA: All diet drinks ARE sugar & carb free, Caffeine free varieties ARE NOT sugar free...why is this so confusing?

WHEW...ok...I should breathe...haha Rant: OVER.

Peace, Love & Diabetes,
Nurse Kelley

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  1. I like when people always I assume I HAVE to have the sugar free type of whatever product, when in many cases the sugar free product has twice as many carbs as its regular counterpart. Which the carbs are what I am counting.

    Then I get hellious looks because I am having a regular oreo when I'm a fat diabetic......bitches.