Monday, August 15, 2011

Book 'em, Danno

Sooooo, one day last week I was standing at a counter in my office (that we share with 5 internal medicine docs), and it was early, clinic had just opened. Often times, in lieu of coffee, I will have a diet something-or-another. This morning I was enjoying a Cherry Coke Zero. Now, in efforts to liken it to regular Coke, I think Coca-Cola has changed the print on the can to look more like the "leaded" variety. I was visiting with my administrative assistant when one of the docs walks up and clears his throat, I look up, and then he nods at my can and says "Ummmm, should you be drinking that??", to which I point out the "Zero", and he replies, "Oh..Ok...just checking". WHAT THE FRENCH-TOAST. So what?! What if I HAD been drinking a "regular" Cherry Coke?? I have type ONE diabetes, its my right to eat whatever the flip I want...when I want...and for you to MIND YOUR OWN BUCKING FUISNESS!!!!

Nothing enrages me more than to be given a blanketed opinion regarding my diabetes. Type 1s account for less than 10% of the diabetic population, almost all publications and media releases are targeted for the other 90+%...TYPE 2s. THEY watch their diets, THEY cut out table sugar, THEY take pills....I however, have a gland that doesn't produce ANY insulin, so I do what a pancreas would do: I match my insulin to my carb intake. Does this mean I should be drinking a regualr Coke? Not really...I have enough dimples in my ass. And as most of you know, insulin can, and will, make you fat if you aren't careful. Its my first inclination to become angry, shake my fists and throw things at uneducated people's heads.....when really all they need is a little education.

Hi, My name is Kelley...YES, I can eat that...YES, I took my insulin....YES, my doctor knows about it...and YES, I would like to punch you in the thyroid. I don't need the Food polic, or the blood sugar police....that's what Dr. C is for...he is my endo, and I try to discuss my food and sugar issues with HIM, and him only. Would you walk up to an obese person and ask them if they should be eating that donut? Or a hypertensive patient and ask them if they should be eating that soup? UM no. So why is it that people feel so entitled to call out diabetics? Its mind baffling.

So, sports fans, how do you deal with the food/diabetes/blood sugar police? I'm looking forward to reading these responses!!!


  1. I'm glad you brought this up. I'm not the diabetic but my 17 year old is and was diagnosed about 2 years ago. I am at his HS a lot because I'm a substitute teacher and I get adults telling me what my child is eating all the time. They say they are worried about his diet and want me to know what he is eating or drinking and that it isn't good for him to be consuming(X). I realize they are thinking he is only 17 and they think I should know what is going on, but my son and I talk all the time. His A1C's have been excellent since being diagnosed, his doctor says he wishes all his patients would come in with such great numbers.
    My son knows the carbs of everything he ingests and accounts for it accordingly. Yes, the sugar free Monster is not what he should be drinking, but he only has one every once in a while and he boluses accordingly.
    I usually smile and tell the person thanks for letting me know and I move on. Although I really want to tell them to butt out. Some times it does get to me and I tell them he takes the insulin for what he ingests and he has been diligent about taking care of himself.
    Really I'm not sure there is a nice way to tell them to butt out and mind their own business.

  2. I've been reading you for a while, but felt I needed to comment on this one. I'm 16 years old, been diagnosed for 5 years. It drives me NUTS when people do this. Especially when said person is not diabetic, doesn't have a close friend or family member who is diabetic, just assumes they know better. My Girl Scout troop leader would be 'snarky' about it too. "Are you sure that's a wise choice," she'd tell me as I munched on peanut butter crackers. "Maybe I should call your mother to check." UGH. I know what I can eat, really, I promise. Even if I'm eating something that appears to be high sugar or not a 'wise choice', that's totally my decision.

    For me it comes down to this, if you respect me, respect the choices I'm making too.

  3. AMEN SISTA! I have had Type 1 for 26 years (clearly the better part of my life) and this has always been so frustrating to me! Bottom line...people shouldn't judge no matter what the situation! You never know what that person might be struggling with or not...and it really isn't their business to report it! What can I say...sometimes you just want a cookie? Eat it, bolus and move on!

    P.S. It was great to see you this a.m.!

  4. Kelley, I couldn't agree more. Yes I am obese and yes I am diabetic and no if I lose weight I won't be able to stop taking do me a huge favor and STAY THE HELL out of my business. Wheewwww....thanks I feel better now!

    But a side note, I had an issue at a fast food chain. I ordered and meal and wanted to make my drink a large diet coke and the brilliant worker decides to ask, "what's the point, you have a million calories right there" I was so stunned I didn't know what to I kept it "pc" and said "well the diet coke will cancel the other calories out some day." My mom would be so proud...but there's nothing more I hate than the suga po po...mind ya bizness.

  5. Thanks for the knowledge-drop. I've not ever commented, but would have otherwise misunderstood unless I had read this post. Good to be able to hear from the perspective of those who are affected. :)