Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The sick of it all

So, I'm sick. No, not with diabetes. Diabetes is just that little thing in my life that has given me everything I love in my life. I'm actually sick, with something that does not want to live in my stomach, apparently. RUDE.
So enough about my ass and vom problems. It has just made me think about a little thing us edumacators like to call "sick day management". My sugs have been elevated, I've had ketones...and not really wanted to eat much. At least it's not the herpilie erpolies. Still not fun. I've been hydrating and cranking up the temp basal, and sipping some Vitamin Water Pure, low carb, but has electrolytes and vitamins, and isn't too sweet. Golden Pineapple is my flava fave! In fact, you should buy me a case and send it to me, it's the least you could do.
Are you up on your latest sick day plan? Parents, do you have pedialite, Gatorade, ketone strips? Having these things (and knowing where to find them) could save you a trip to the ER for ketosis. For habitual vommers, I will even give them an Rx for Phenergan suppositories (as in, insert per rectum) to have on hand, and several patients have said they are literally life savers (no, not the candy...the rectum invaders...well, I guess we COULD call em rectum candy...but I digress).
Also, keeping your Endo or educator in the loop is a good idea. I had a mom, cool, calm and collected, shoot me a text about what was going on with her daughter this weekend.....that way I was aware and could intervene if needed. Your endo's office may have a nugget of info that is down right helpful in the event of an illness.
If you aren't familiar with any of what this post is referring to, make it your priority to speak with your Endo and/or educator about it at tour next visit.
Happy hump day!

Peace, love & 'betes, 

(PS. I may, or may not, have written this in the bathroom on my iPhone)

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