Sunday, November 28, 2010

Diabetes sucks

As a diabetes nurse educator, I am a member of a few (very exclusive, be jealous readers) medical-type societies/organizations. All of us are required to put in continuing education hours as health care professionals, and usually, meetings of these groups goes towards servicing our needs (that's what she said). Here, as of late, I find myself, literally, falling asleep during these presentations...or daydreaming, wondering if the hotel bar can make a Mojito con Splenda (thanks, my Jewish looking friend, you know who you are).
I want more!!! I want to know that there are (quasi) normal people, such as myself, out there, that live normal lives with type 1 diabetes! Not to exclude the type 2s, but c'mon, ya'll are just a different population. Type 1s are the cool kids, we make up less than 10% of the diabetic community. I want doctors and educators to treat us accordingly! We have needs not met by social medias and public knowledge, I want the type 1 community to know that DIABETES SUCKS, but you know what, we know how to make your life next to normal (as long as you do what I say....aaaaaand not always as I do). I want patients to be able to talk with their health care providers about type 1 and: dating, sex, pregnancy, parenting, social stigma....just to name a few.
Soooo, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to write...I'm going to share my story...I'm going to answer the nitty gritty questions....and frankly, I want to make you laugh. Living with a chronic disease isn't fun, but, I want you to at least be able to find some humor in it, like I do.
An esteemed colleague recently told me that "blogs are so 2004", and you know what, he's right (as usual!!!), but I think this is the best media for now. So share with me your funny stories, comment on my posts, email me, add me on Facebook or Twitter, ask me Dear Abby questions...I want to hear it all! (Except complaints and criticism, you can just keep that to yourself).
Warning to all, this is not meant for kids, there may occasionally be vulgar language and taboo subjects, so if its going to offend you, then go AWAY...that is all :)

Love, Nurse Kelley


  1. So, Kelley: Did you ever find that Mojito w/ Splenda? While not a T1D, just married to one, that info would be nice to share with those of us who don't like to drink our calories. While this blog is not best served as a recipe exchange, a few really great ones (as mentioned above) would be great! PS: Steve says hello.

  2. Most places are actually quite willing to make this!! I just ask them to leave out the simple syrup and add 3 packets of Splenda, and if they act weird about that, I just ask for no simple syrup and simply add Splenda at the table to taste :) I also like:
    Vanilla Vodka with Diet Coke, or just plain Diet Coke and Vodka with a few cherries or a splash of grenadine
    Mandarin or Blueberry Vodka with Sprite Zero
    Mmmmmmmmm we should go out and do a taste testing ;)

  3. NurseCrumpler :) You know I will follow along. I'm so 2004 like that.

    Also not T1D - married to one - it's a life, indeed. Shall we talk repro? j/k - sort of

    Cheers, K! cm / Big Red / work-o-fart!

  4. Also try Disarrono and Diet Coke. That pretty good too. Never tried Vanilla Vodka and DC. Mt fave is still Jim Beam and DC! Keep up the blogging even if it is "so 2004"!

  5. Really looking forward to your blog posts! It is so refreshing to have a diabetes educator who can say...diabetes sucks but truly know exactly how you feel!