Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dating: diabetes edition

So we already covered the fact that divorce SUCKS. You have to split your diabetes stock pile, you can't rely on your diabetic spouse to have backup insulin/finger poker/test strips when you run out, and you no longer have the comfort zone of that person knowing every inch of your diabetic body. Where do you like to give your shots? Which fingers do you prefer to prick for blood samples? Which long acting insulins do you hate, and which brand of tape do you like for your Dexcom. You don't have a Dia-buddy to help you put your Dexcom in hard to reach places, or fix the tape when it starts to peel up. You don't have someone that can just glance in your direction and instantly "know" that your sugar is low and that you need candy or juice. All of those luxuries that come with a long term relationship while having diabetes slowly spin down the drain and are gone forever. I don't know about you, but I don't just trust anyone to jab a needle into my skin or to get my GrifGrip tape perfectly smooth and in the correct spot.

Dating with type 1 hasn't necessarily been challenging, but I get a LOT of questions. What's that on your arm? Are you bionic? Is that a microchip? Are you actually on house arrest? Are you allowed to eat sugar? Will your kids get it? Will you have this forever? Why do you take insulin when you're high but not when you're low? My buddy's brother was 800 when he was diagnosed and now eats whatever he wants and take shots for it, why can't you do that? Why don't you have one of those dogs? *during a low* Should I call your ex? Do I need to call 911?
OMG YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING FOR CARING BUT JESUS PLEASE JUST CHILL THE EFF OUT. I got this. For 24 years. Without y'all. Let me share on my own. And for the love of all that is holy, don't tap on my Dexcom transmitter. I will literally cut you. With a knife.

On a date a couple months ago I really needed help placing a GrifGrip so I asked my date, a fire fighter, to assist me. I figured he's also a paramedic, he's got this. Omg. I had to go home and rip it off it was crooked and wrinkled and pleated. FAIL. And sexy time? Holy crap. Talk about embarrassing. "wow, you're like..really sweaty..are you turned on..?" *BEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEP* uhhh no Casanova, my sugar is 55, now hand over my Smarties.

In my college days I kept it under wraps. Didn't tell the dude unless we made it past 3-4 dates. Would test before I left the house and do my shots in the bathroom (I know, ick). And I didn't have to fret or angst about all of this. Because I do worry. Do they see me as damaged goods? Because as a divorcee single mom, I already feel tainted enough, without adding the chronic lifelong and altering disease on top of it! Is it a turn off? Do they see my Dexcom and say "ew, I can't even"?

I don't know that I would ever date or marry another type 1, though. Being the spouse of a type 1 was hard work. The constant worry and anxiety. Making sure snacks and low treatments were always available. Having all of his prescriptions readily available, and pump supplies at the house. Not only was I keeping up with my own diabetes, but his too. And for me, personally, I think it caused a lot of resentment. Let someone worry about ME, let someone grab MY insulin out of the fridge or run by HEB for alcohol swabs. I think for once that would be amazingly sweet. Let someone else worry about keeping fruit snacks or Gatorade around in case I drop low (which I do!). Everyone wants to feel loved and cared for, even the care takers.

So that's all I got, really. Tinder & Bumble are some scary places to meet people...the variety is insane, and the unique attributes of each contender can be quite entertaining. I share some of these over at my private diabetes group Team Diabadass...if you're type 1 and have a raunchy sense of humor, we'd love to have you! 

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