Friday, February 17, 2012

Bag lady

I hope everyone survived Valentine's day and the influx of chocolate goodies! I managed to keep a safe distance...for most of it...

2 nights ago I was changing out my pump site {6mm, 23 in PAAANK Mio} and reservoir, and I realized the small bag I keep my wallet stuff and diabetes supplies in had a lot of bulk at the bottom. So I decided to clean it out. Wow. Someone needs to turn me in to the show Hoarders. There were 47 USED OneTouch blue test strips, a powdery mess of a leftover grape Dex-4 glucose tab, a half wrapped tootsie roll with 3 pennies stuck to it and now I feel dirty.

I carry a small Betsey Johnson leopard and sequined bag for my supplies.

I have come a long way since the days of my Dia-Pak {Why yes, I AM a trend setter}. I remember the constant shuffle of keeping the gel pack inside *just* cold enough, not sweating and NOT melted. Which was tough in Houston, TX. Now I toss my opened Novolog vial in the bag with my PAAANK OneTouch Ultra Mini, Delica device, strips and an extra reservoir {for those days when I'm feeling not so fresh}. This bag also houses my credit cards, insurance info & license. I often take this places in lieu of a purse. I hate for my diabetes to weigh me down, but also like to be prepared for anything on the fly. I often find myself writing excuse notes for patients at work because they have to leave to go home to get insulin..pump get the idea.

You should always be prepared. Whether you are a D-Mom or a D {instead of 'diabetic', can we just start calling ourselves 'D's? Kind of like 'B' means bitch, 'D' can mean 'diabetic'....I personally don't necessarily like to term 'PWD'...I dunno} you should always have a backup plan, a Plan B, if you will. And then a backup plan for the backup plan. Dr. C and I travelled to 'Nawlins for an ADA meeting a few years ago and BOTH ran out of pump sites AND Novolog. Uhhhhhhh. Yeah, we felt like morons. Thankfully we have some awesome ass D reps that hooked us up. I'm a firm believer, now, that you should always plan out the amount of supplies you will need for a trip and then DOUBLE that amount. Having long acting insulin in the fridge {for pump peeps} and a supply of old school syringes is never a bad idea.

And back to my original point, why the eff is it so hard for me to throw away my used strips? I should be reported to OSHA. I have found them in my kid's diaper, in the toilet, in shoes, parking lots I frequent, in my FRIEND's vehicles....I guess its like my calling card. My own little way of hiking my leg on something, marking it as my territory. Yeahhhh. I like that.

That's all I got, D peeps!!

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