Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eat Me

Soooo my Book em, Danno post about telling people to shove off in regards to a T1's diet was quite popular. It has also raised some questions and concerns.

Why do we get, essentially, punished for lowering the sugar content in our diet? For instance, say Momma wants a Sno-Cone, why am I charged more for the sugar free variety? So I did a little research. A pint of Bahama Mama syrup (sweetened with sugar) is $6.25, the sugar free variety is $8.25. BULL shit. So my fat ass saves money...for continuing to be fat?? This blows my mind.

Also goes a long with the sweet vs. un-sweet tea. "Unsweetened" implies that a special un-sweetening process has been applied to previously tea sweetened with In the last year, suddenly, I'm served mother effing SWEET-enough carbs to equal TWO pieces of white bread-FUPA causing-TEA. Why is this??? Is America not fat enough??? And some are excusing it as "ohhh hwellll, we are jusssst Souttthherrrrn...", oh yeah? Because 50 years ago we weren't diagnosing type 2 diabetes in tweens and teenagers. So when you are out, with your grossly overweight family, please refrain from ordering your children SWEET tea. Water or milk should suffice...and will wash down those chimichangas just fine.

And DON't get me started on High Fructose Corn Syrup!! Arrrrghhhh!!!

PSA: All diet drinks ARE sugar & carb free, Caffeine free varieties ARE NOT sugar free...why is this so confusing?

WHEW...ok...I should breathe...haha Rant: OVER.

Peace, Love & Diabetes,
Nurse Kelley

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Its all fun and games...until somebody gets eaten

So this post is going to address a very serious subject affecting diabetics EVERYWHERE. What is so serious and requires your utmost attention?? Yes. Zombie Apocalypse. Yes, I went there. I'm adressing it. Here and now...finally. Well....sort of.

This summer I have had a high number of insulin pumps malfunction. Mainly Medtronic Revel's and OmniPod pods. The companies don't feel like adressing my concerns, so I guess I will blame it on the heat (I'm in Texas...we've had several weeks in a row of >100 degree heat!! You should visit). Anyshit, I have been inundated with patients having to call the helplines and request new pumps, pods or PDMs. And it is SHOCKING how many of them (95% if my genius ass had to guess) that have NO idea what their settings are. Or have a backup plan. Or even know what to do! C'mon, guys.

1. We went over it in your pump training & follow ups
2. You have RXs for long acting insulin
3. What would you do if you didn't have your educator's cell phone number and could test her anytime of day or night????

Emergency preparedness is a real thang, ya'll. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita was proof of that. Our area was filled with our coastal neighbors, and many of them had been without diabetes medications, testing supplies or pump supplies in days. We donated what we could, but it was shocking how many of these refugees had no idea 1. What medications they were taking, let alone the dose 2. That without these medications, their sugars would run amok 3. That you can't reuse ONE pump site...indefinitely. Some sad shat, yo.

I challenge you, as diabetics, and parents of diabetics, to make sure you have an emergency kit, including all of your pump settings, supplies, and contact information for your healthcare provider, inside. Have it in a central location, that is easy to find, in case of an actual disaster.

Crap happens, and I understand that. Dr. C and I were attending the 2009 Scientific Sessions of the ADA in New Orleans, and discovered we had BOTH run out of Novolog, AND had not packed enough pump supplies. Oops. Good thing there was 1,000 reps i attendance, as well, to bail us out!!!

Try not to have nightmares...and be prepared.
Peace, Love & 'betes, ya'll.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Book 'em, Danno

Sooooo, one day last week I was standing at a counter in my office (that we share with 5 internal medicine docs), and it was early, clinic had just opened. Often times, in lieu of coffee, I will have a diet something-or-another. This morning I was enjoying a Cherry Coke Zero. Now, in efforts to liken it to regular Coke, I think Coca-Cola has changed the print on the can to look more like the "leaded" variety. I was visiting with my administrative assistant when one of the docs walks up and clears his throat, I look up, and then he nods at my can and says "Ummmm, should you be drinking that??", to which I point out the "Zero", and he replies, "Oh..Ok...just checking". WHAT THE FRENCH-TOAST. So what?! What if I HAD been drinking a "regular" Cherry Coke?? I have type ONE diabetes, its my right to eat whatever the flip I want...when I want...and for you to MIND YOUR OWN BUCKING FUISNESS!!!!

Nothing enrages me more than to be given a blanketed opinion regarding my diabetes. Type 1s account for less than 10% of the diabetic population, almost all publications and media releases are targeted for the other 90+%...TYPE 2s. THEY watch their diets, THEY cut out table sugar, THEY take pills....I however, have a gland that doesn't produce ANY insulin, so I do what a pancreas would do: I match my insulin to my carb intake. Does this mean I should be drinking a regualr Coke? Not really...I have enough dimples in my ass. And as most of you know, insulin can, and will, make you fat if you aren't careful. Its my first inclination to become angry, shake my fists and throw things at uneducated people's heads.....when really all they need is a little education.

Hi, My name is Kelley...YES, I can eat that...YES, I took my insulin....YES, my doctor knows about it...and YES, I would like to punch you in the thyroid. I don't need the Food polic, or the blood sugar police....that's what Dr. C is for...he is my endo, and I try to discuss my food and sugar issues with HIM, and him only. Would you walk up to an obese person and ask them if they should be eating that donut? Or a hypertensive patient and ask them if they should be eating that soup? UM no. So why is it that people feel so entitled to call out diabetics? Its mind baffling.

So, sports fans, how do you deal with the food/diabetes/blood sugar police? I'm looking forward to reading these responses!!!