Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The 'Betes, 101 {Guest Post}

Hey, party people...please welcome my guest poster, none-other than the super famous {well, at least in the DOC} D-Dad with DADs: Frank Wisenski, who blogs over at Blackdogsrule.com
. Please welcome him with sugary, bitchy love!!!

Hi everybody! Welcome to diabetes 101, day 1. Today's topic? Things that can affect blood sugar in a 10 year old girl, that makes managing diabetes so tough, and prevents us from knowing "normal", or having our diabetes (or our children's diabetes) "in control"

1. Food
2. no food
3. drinks
4. exercise
5. no exercise
6. math tests
7. pop quizzes
8. your best friend just got a new "insert cool thing here"
9. cleaning your room
10. horseback riding
11. hormones
12. growing
13. heat
14. cold
15. puppies
16. mom and dad miscalculating carb counts
17. miscalculated carb counts printed on food packaging
18. waking up in the morning
19. not wanting to go to bed at night
20. butterflies
21. going to Costco
22. excitement
23. Disneyland
24. anything school related
25. little brothers
26. when dad says "have you finished your homework?"
27. not washing hands
28. eating more than 1 "free" snack
29. Thursdays
30. playing outside
31. playing inside
32. not playing outside
33. rainy days
34. sunny days
35. Mondays
36. hot showers
37. pizza
38. bananas
39. blue shirts
40. birthday presents
41. Halloween candy
42. going to Nana's house
43. walking down the hall
44. reading a book
45. orange socks
46. car rides
47. crying
48. eating the same lunch today as yesterday
49. laughing
50. kittens
51. breathing
52. stopping to smell the roses
53. Computer games
54. Sunsets

You see, here's the funny thing about diabetes. EVERYTHING can affect blood sugar. Or it won't. Maybe it will. It did last Tuesday. Today? Nope.

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

The thing about type 1 diabetes that drives us insane? It's doing the same thing over and over and GETTING those different results

Comment below and keep the list going! What affects YOUR sugar????



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